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Most of the companies associated to ASECI were founded over 25 years ago and have carried out numerous projects throughout their career in all fields of their activity, which granted them the knowledge, experience, means and ability to develop their activity with full guarantees.

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ASECI is open to the incorporation of new partners. If your company operates in the Consulting and Engineering market and you want to be part of our association, contact us and we will explain what are the requirements to partner.

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Characteristics of ASECI’s companies

  • Specialization

    they are companies whose activity is developed in one or several fields of engineering, but always in a specialized way, being able to carry out any type of work.

  • Flexibility

    due to their size, they can adapt more easily to their clients’ needs.

  • Customization

    in the work to be developed by ASECI’s companies, it is more feasible to identify the means that will be assigned to each job.

  • Ability and resources

    as a whole, ASECI’s companies have over 3,000 professionals, most of them highly qualified technicians.

  • Experience

    the majority of ASECI’s companies are over 25 years old and have collaborated in some of the most emblematic projects both in Spain and abroad.

  • Internationalization

    most of ASECI’s companies are active internationally in over 20 countries from all continents.

  • Commitment

    to quality, to knowledge, to the environment, to our employees and their social rights, to our customers and to society as a whole.

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