Fields of activity

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ASECI aims to bring together the medium-sized national companies in the consulting and engineering sector specialized in the fields of activity of infrastructure, architecture, installations, environment, energy and new technologies.

Medium sized companies in this sector are entities with enough capacity and resources to carry out any type of work within their specialty. When it comes to the Spanish economy’s productivity, one of the aspects that’s always regarded as negative for its improvement is the small number of medium-sized companies that exist in Spain. The purpose of this proposal is to help alleviate this deficit and improve the productivity of our country’s economy.

Fields of activity

  • Infrastructures

    railway routes, highways, channels and ports.

  • Architecture

    projects, works and technical assistance for public buildings (hospitals, sport facilities, schools).

  • Installations

    hydraulic installation, electrical system, energy facilities…

  • Environment

    dam construction, canalization and wastewater treatment. Environmental studies and consultancy.

  • Energy

    energy consulting and advice. Efficient and responsible energy management.

  • New technologies

    development of technologies, techniques and work processes in order to produce more in less time.

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