Know the association’s objetives

The Association aims to:

  • Develop the profession of Consultancy and Engineering in the specialities that are the object of the Association to benefit customers and the Society as a whole.
  • Protect and promote the interests of associated Consulting and Engineering Companies in the course of their private activity for both the public and private sectors.
  • Defend and represent the members of the Association before the Public and Private Entities.
  • Exchange information and professional experiences, both on technical-scientific subjects and the material means for their application and development, as well as on general aspects.
  • Express the collective point of view of Consulting and Engineering Companies in general interest issues.

In order to reach the established goals, ASECI will take the following actions:

  • To promote ethical standards of conduct and ensure compliance.
  • To represent the members of the Association.
  • To promote and protect the admission criteria established in the Statutes.
  • To make continuous efforts to ensure and develop the technical, managerial and professional ability of its members.
  • To establish unity and promote friendship among the members of the Association.
  • To promote through legal channels legislative, economic and any other reforms of interest to the Association.
  • To maintain close collaboration with other Engineering Organizations, Professional Colleges, Universities, etc.
  • To offer the Administration and other Institutions their collaboration in matters of mutual interest.
  • To disclose to the Society, potential clients and official bodies in all their geopolitical fields the characteristics of Consulting and Engineering Companies and to prepare and disseminate the Directory of its members.
  • To promote and disseminate the public image of Consulting and Engineering companies of Infrastructure, Architecture and Technology Services by publicizing the relevance and significance of their activity and the excellence of their professional competence.
  • To take part and promote professional training for the employment and/or retraining of employed and unemployed people, as well as support their integration into the labour market within the sector or other related sectors through public and private training programmes/tenders.
  • To manage R&D&I activities to generate scientific or technical knowledge and to facilitate its implementation and transference or to provide companies with support services for innovation.
  • To promote the relationship and collaboration with the rest of the Sector’s Associations.
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